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Spain – a Fantastic Travel Destination

By Stizzard

Spain is wonderful. The country is endowed with some of the most scenic features blending both the ancient and modern architecture. The buildings that feature prominently in the cities are a representation of both the rich history that dates back to the 12th century as well as the ultramodern 21st century high rise.

What makes the Spanish country stand out however is the fact that the breath taking scenic views is also spread all across her provinces and one particular example include The Asturias province.


Asturias has exotic scenes which more than promise a memorable adventure to the thousands of tourists who flock there. There are a host of outdoor activities to be fully engaged in including rock climbing, surfing, canoeing or you may choose to be mesmerised by the brown bear in its natural abode.

To best understand the natural beauty of this Spanish province, Asturias mostly occupies some of the officially recognised natural habitats of the world by UNESCO. It is no wonder that some of the most intense hiking activity in the world is carried out here.

The natives of Asturias are another key reason why the place is irresistible. Their tasty cuisine made up of fresh fish stewed with local beans, apples and cheese; prove to be a delight to many who dare to savour the unique beauty of Asturias. It is also home to the world famous cider drink, which is normally poured on glass from a specific height.




Built in the years of 1900-1914, the Parc Guell is a garden adorned with unique and artistic elements settled on capitol hill of EL Carmel within the Barcelona’s Gracia district at catalonia Spain. The design of the garden complex was created by Antoni Gaudi and rates among the world’s largest works of architecture covering an area of 0.1718 sq. Km.




Ibiza beach is among those places any visitor in Spain will simply find irresistible. Located 79 km from the Mediterranean sea, the gorgeous sandy beaches will make one spoilt for choice, for a holiday treat.




Toledo city is extremely rich with historical facts and UNESCO has gone ahead to declare it as one among the globally recognized heritage sites. This is due to the fact that different religions namely, Jewish, Christian and Muslims co-existed harmoniously. Another fact that stands out is that it was also used as a court by Charles 1.




The cathedrals in Majorca dot exceptional designs that represent combined ancient historical architecture as well as the modern one. They also represent a definite tourist attraction owing to the breathtaking scenic views they offer.




Leon city’s rich history dates back to the first century BC. The historical facts it carries with it is a definite delight to many tourists.

ESTA The United States has exempted about 37 countries from a prerequisite visa requirement in order to travel to America. Spain is one of the countries. A Spanish citizen will simply apply on line for travel authorization 72 hours before the intended travel, so that the US authorities may get the chance to screen the said exemptions before the traveling. This authorization is what is called Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

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