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Sounds of War by Thomas Ferreolus

By Gpangel @gpangel1
Sounds of War is a 2013 self published novel. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Stationed in Iraq, as a medic, Thomas Edington describes to the reader the day to day life of a soldier at war.
There are a few flashbacks as Thomas recalls his past, a marriage, a divorce, a betrayal. He is also accused of being a bit of a lover boy and of course this is not allowed. So, Thomas is being watched closely after a rumor circulates that he has had a sexual relationship with a First Sergeant.
Grenades, tension, constant danger, and the deaths of comrades and innocent civilians, the bad food, the slimy water, the horrible odors, the extreme heat, the loneliness, the longing for a normal life give us only a small glimpse of the life these brave men encounter as they defend their country. They deal with military decisions and rules that don't always make sense, commanders that have personal vendettas, bad dreams, and they make the situation as bearable for one another as possible.
There are many difficult passages, and Thomas is a person that above all is human. But, he does what he is there to do, no matter what his personal opinions are about the decisions to place him in this particular unit, and about his commanding officers choices. He keeps himself on alert and has his fellow soldiers back while they make it through miraculous close calls. However, things are not all gloom and doom. There are also funny moments and a bit of romance.
This is an eye opening book for those of us who are completely unaware of life during war and the actual day to day challenges and conditions these people face.
There is some technical language that the average female, like myself, might not really understand. It goes without saying that there is graphic violence and language that is real and raw. This is not for the faint of heart. You go along with Thomas as he explains his inner thoughts and actions and we get an inside look at the special bond soldiers have with one another.
Harrowing, real, heartbreaking, gut wrenching and informative, this is a book everyone should read. If the book seems to end at an odd moment, I believe it is because there are more installments planned by the author.
Now that I have invested myself emotionally into Thomas's life, I am impatiently waiting to see if Thomas is able to maintain a possible love interest, and what other hurdles Thomas will have to jump over before his time in Iraq is over.
This one gets an A.

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