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Soul Manifest - White Seaon

Posted on the 01 September 2011 by Ripplemusic
 White Season
I've been in and around Europe but that was years ago and it's only been lately that I've started listening to rock bands from across the pond. Man I wish I could go back to France now and hear the three-piece Soul Manifest in person. At least I can always listen to their amazing debut album, White Season.
I think Soul Manifest's White Season is an intoxicating dose of 70s psychedelic, progressive blues-rock. The frenchmen picked a first-rate band name too, 'cause I sure hear a lot of soul in their music.
I'm under the influence after the first notes of White Season. "Dead Man" begins with a tiny taste of synth and then a gargantuan, bluesy-ass riff.  Impressive, groovy organs and vocals that floor me. The singer has a solid delivery and kinda reminds me of a Billy Squier/Robert Plant hybrid. Right now I'm thinking: how is it that some of these guys from foreign countries sing so damn well in English? I guess that's a whole other story. Back to the album.
"White Season pt 1" has a super-sized 70s rock aura to me while "Do We Have the Same View?" shows Soul Manifest can have a softer acoustic side, too. "The Devil's Meeting"  is a colossal blues-boogie treat. On the consciousness-expanding "White Season pt 2"  I already have a sense of how well this organist/pianist plays but I'm still awestruck. I sure needed this. I've been missing out for sure.
One of my favorites on White Season has to be "All but My Dream can be Erased by the Rain". It starts with an infectious drum beat and my left foot starts tapping. The killer 70's guitars kick in and my head's nodding feverishly. As the electrifying vocals start my torso's moving side-to-side. Catchy as hell. This song is almost 6 minutes long and has an incredible jazzy piano solo near the middle. I'm including a link to this one so you could hear it right away. I'd suggest you click it.
White Season ends with a psychedelic 70s rock opus, "The Light" (9:46).  It's tripped-out man. You have to hear it. Crazy mondo synthesizers on this one with some haunting guest female vocals to accompany the band.
Wow. Tremendous group and exceptional rock music. Or, en francais: c'est bien. tres bien. (It's good. Very good.) I wish I could say more but I only know a little French.
"Dead Man" and "White Season pt 1" are free downloads on Soul Manifest's Bandcamp page, where you can also stream and purchase all 7 songs on White Season (Feb. '11, Night Tripper). Don't miss out like I did for months.

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