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Soteciety Presents “Talk Of New York”

By Whatyouwrite @whatyouwrite

Chris Filmatic Aka SoteCIETY brings you deep into the world of infamous graffiti writers based out of NYC.
In this webisode we see 2 days of an infamous graffiti writer from L.E.S in a point of view no others have gotten a chance to see. Revealing his identity but not revealing his alias name he shows us a day with him and explains what a vandalizing graffiti writer is to him…



Shot/Cut – Chris Filmatic
Staring – ****

*Yes i know, A few over-exposed daytime shots.*

We do not condone not promote the use of spray paint or any other materials for the destruction of ones property. What we do is document the movement of graffiti artist the different reasons behind the action and to show case the different styles, colors and forms that graffiti comes in.

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