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Sorry to Spoil Your Fun, But...

Posted on the 26 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
Wow, are the people I'm dealing with here members of the "The Armed Intelligentsia"?

Lead's neurotoxicity is really showing up in the level of their comments.

Not to mention I have to spoon feed these people concepts and they are unable to comprehend them.

The worst part of it is that they could do the research themselves, but for whatever reason are unable to do this.

The repetitive nature of these comments is also pretty tedious to boot.

Personally, I prefer for people to say things that are intelligent and interesting. That isn't what I'm seeing, with a few exceptions, but they are other lefties and the mods.

While we are under no obligation to publish comments, MikeB likes to publish them to get the discussion going. Dog Gone tells me that I am educating you, but I see inner city children who are far better at learning than the gunloonz.

So, have fun, comment away. I may respond if I see something that interests me, but I may also respond via a post and then not address the issue again.

But if this is "The Armed Intelligentsia",I'd hate to meet the truly stupid ones.

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