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Sorry I Haven't Written Lately

Posted on the 02 March 2012 by Lawanda @lawanda43

Gosh, my blog is totally neglected lately. So are the people in my family, the dogs, my apartment, the house, my Toyota, and a few of my "fa real" friends. I should be ashamed, but I'm not. I am so glad to be busy meeting new people, learning new things, and going new places.

Today I logged on to my TypePad service for the first time in a couple of weeks. I don't think I have ever gone this long without writing. I noticed from the stats that most of you are still looking for information on the Sudduth case. I am so sorry I have neglected this important story. As you know, I am not a real journalist, and my time and finances are rather squeezed. Please forgive me.

In honor of your continued interest, I will endeavour to learn something new. I can tell you that the Sealy News hasn't followed the story. KHOU Houston emailed quite a while back and said they would cover the trial. For all I know he could be out now with time served, but surely not! I know for most of you who are waiting for justice, especially those of you offshore, this would be completely unacceptable.

I don't know why anyone would support this guy, if he is guilty. A lot of you have expressed a level of outrage, and all I can say is some of us are easily impressed with tawdry soap opera dreams that have run dry and fell far short of the intended target. Gotta tell ya, it doesn't move me an inch; I could care less about that "pie in the sky" hopeless, and phony, distraction.

What truly should matter to the human conscience is the cry of a child abused in this horrific manner. What you believe about a person's character, their upbringing, the town they hail from, or the people they befriend is no longer of any relevance once they are a party to something this miserable and insidious.

Suddenly it becomes important to reevaluate the entire picture.

So, for my dear readers, I guess I will get out there and find out what happened to this accused nasty child molester. I am not afraid to tell you, I hope he gets the longest prison sentence in the world. I hope he gets locked up until the end of time. I don't care who cries, or who gripes, or who it costs, I just want this pervert off the streets forever.

Other than that, people aren't looking for much from my blog. After this mess is over, I may start a new and fresh batch of blogs. I am tired of "Tribute to Texas." I really only meant to write on it to irritate the people in my townhome association. I intended to use it as a kind of satire...maybe I should be honest. I intended to be sarcastic. Whatever I meant to do, I started to enjoy it.

It's a lot of fun keeping up with something like this, and I am proud of a couple of my posts, but most of them I really hate. People tell me, "O, LaWanda, you should write more! You are a 'great' writer." I have to admit, I don't think those people read much!

Finding a topic to write on is the hardest part. You have to nearly dedicate yourself to a project. I could write every week on the Sealy News. I find that it is the worst local paper in the history of Texas, maybe in the history of the world. They spent 716 words writing on a stupid ugly lamp they made, while they only used 318 words on a mother and her son murdered on the side of the road by a drunken driver (Katherine and Kendall Addison).

 I can't understand why the editor thinks anyone would care if one solitary soul is sticking up for our appointed school superintendent. They spent part of the front page, and carried this over into the folds of the paper (way back in there) so far I got sick of counting wasted words. You have to ask, "Why is this crap news?" Besides, he was appointed...they only ran the vacancy on the professional educators website for two weeks. They interviewed one other candidate...come on people, we are not all born last night. We are not that easy to fool. Maybe now they all have buyers remorse. Whatever the case, that story did not deserve the spread it received. It was totally ridiculous. Or maybe I should give the editor some respect. Maybe she was serving up her own dish of satire/sarcasm???

Thank you for continuing to support my badly written commentary. I hope you will continue to read me until I put "A Tribute to Texas" to rest. In the meantime, I have something I am working on...keep watching.


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