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By Catty212
Soreen has been a household name in the UK for the last 75 years. Starting out with the original malt loaf and expanding by adding various other flavours and varieties. I have always been a fan of the traditional malt loaf so when I was offered the chance to try some of the other flavours I was very pleased.  SoreenLife is busy at the moment, so getting the chance to eat is hard. It's really helpful to have something quick and easy to grab, and it doesn't hurt that it's delicious.SoreenOriginal- The classic Soreen Malt Loaf. I love it. It's soft, chewy and perfect with lashings of butter. It's ideal for breakfast as it's quick and easy to make, yet very filling. I love it with a hot cup of coffee first thing while the little man is waking up. 
SoreenToastie Loaf- A new one to me but equally as tasty as the original. It's pre sliced in a bag, and you simply pop it in the toaster. Again, another one perfect with butter. I really enjoyed this and it was even better because it was already cut. 
SoreenLunchbox Loaves- Again, another one I had not tried. These are perfect for school lunch boxes or to take to work. They're individually wrapped and taste delicious. I loved the sweet banana taste. 
SoreenFruity Five Loaf- This was the one I liked least. I'm not a massive fan of cherries and I could taste the cherries in this. A great idea though, and very similar to the toastie loaf but with a more fruity flavor. 
SoreenApple and Sultana Loaf- I truely adore this! It's delicious and my new favorite snack. Both the apple and sultana flavours are strong. It's perfect with butter but I also gave it a go with marmalade and it was to die for. 

Trying these new flavours has made me love Soreen even more. I added the apple and sultana loaf to my weekly shopping this week, as I may have accidentally eaten all of the one the lovely folks as Soreen sent me!

*I was sent these products free of charge to review*

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