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Sore Loser Beats Up Son

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

Sore Loser Beats Up SonIs this guy serious? Steven Wilson is the name of the 52-year-old “father” who was seen assaulting his son in the hallway of his high school. Parents reported that Wilson and his eighth-grade son were walking down the hallway when Wilson forcefully grabbed his son’s arm and began punching him the face repeatedly. Parents had to intervene before the “fight” was broken up. Wilson was sent to jail with bail of $10,000 to get out with “conditions.” Luckily his battered son did not need medical attention. Tough little lad, taking a pounding from a pissed off father. I would really like to see someone like this Wilson guy hitting their child like that in front of me. Not only is it wrong, but it is sickening. How dare you put your hands on a child! Who cares if he didn’t meet your standards on your stupid baseball game. It’s a game you jerk! Wilson is a sore loser who needs to be taken into a cell with a guy named Bubba who loves baseball and will use him for batting practice. This is horrible. I feel this child won’t be getting the justice he deserves. Big deal, so your Dad goes to jail for 90 days and pays the government $30,000. That doesn’t take away the emotional and physical damage that has been inflicted upon him. What a waste of skin and air! I don’t understand what posesses someone to physcially abuse their child. Pick on someone your own size, like the other parents that came to your child’s defense. It is a miracle another Dad didn’t beat your ass as bad (if not worse) than you did your own son. If you want your retribution Son of Wilson, trust me, there are plenty of people that will treat Wilson the way he deserves- including myself.  

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