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Sons of Otis - Seismic

Posted on the 03 August 2012 by Ripplemusic
Sons of Otis - Seismic
Don't know Otis but I'd like to.  I'm guessing he's bad-ass - just like his boys.
I'm gonna go ahead and say right now that Sons Of Otis have one of my favorite records this year with their latest, Seismic.  I'll buy the earth-shaking vinyl just as soon as it's released, which I hope is sometime soon.  I'm partial to Small Stone Records anyway - you know this - but I think there's something really extra-special here.
Extra-heavy, too.
Seismic?  You better believe it.  It's also a pulsating galaxy of cosmic fuzz and space sludge with astral, echoing vocals.  And it's undeniably imposing and majestic at the same time.
I feel the first tremors in "Far From Fine" and soak up the "Lessons" that teach celestial blues, mange.  "Alone" brings impending, otherworldly doom and "Guilt" is full-on seraphic sludge.  Incredible stuff.  The instrumental, "PK", is the longest ethereal song on the album and it's probably my favorite, if that's possible.  Just the name of the last track, "Cosmic Jam" should tell you enough.  More of the same awesomeness.
I can listen to this album from beginning to end, lose myself and wonder what the hell just happened every time.  Then I listen to it again.  And again.  Repeat.
I sure underestimated these guys a few years back and now I regret dismissing them so quickly.  What the hell?  That was a huge mistake and it won't happen again.
If there's one thing I'd nitpick about, it wouldn't have anything to do with the music.  I think the album cover sucks.  It doesn't even come close to capturing the full intensity of the tunes.  Not even a tiny bit.  Ok, maybe a muscle-car would shake the ground a little, too, and there's a cute license plate with the title, but nah, I'm not feeling it at all.
Enough ranting about the cover.  The songs are what matter and a cool cover wouldn't make me love them any more than I already do.
Huge thanks goes out from me to Otis, whoever he is and wherever he may be.  He should be really proud of his sons for the excellent music they're making.

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