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Songs You Should Hear :: "Seven Days" by Will Varley

By Ventipop @ventipop

"The song is about not letting things become the past without acknowledging them as they go by. We have a tendency to get caught up outside of the now, and for me, it's a song about being at peace with the future, that things will happen in their own time and to enjoy the little moments that we often overlook."

Accompanying the single is an 8-bit animated video, which Varley created himself. Varley says inspiration came from the MS-DOS games from his childhood. "I wanted to make an animation, which tried to enter that world some how, but find hope and light in it. The film is all about the bird for me that flies down in the opening few seconds. Chasing after something you can never quite reach, that you get close to and then it sort of falls apart."

Spirit of Minnie is Varley's first record he's made with a band. It will be released February 9th 2018. Varley is also currently touring in support of the new album and has been labeled as "one of the best live acts most people have never heard of" by many prominent concert goers and reviewers.

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