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Songs Britney Spears Should Have Released

Posted on the 29 November 2011 by Karibestrycki @bloglikeitshot
Songs Britney Spears should have released

Photo Courtesy: britneyspears.com

If you have the Fuse network, you know this is the only channel that airs music videos on a regular basis. The network likes to use a lot of themes and I appreciate a good theme…for example:

  • Best Hip-Hop Songs of the Last 1648 Years
  • Sexiest Music Videos of All Time…Ever
  • The Best Music Videos in the History of Music Videos

Tonight I was watching Fuse and a show called “Loaded” was on. This show choses one artist and airs a bunch of their music videos in a row. This particular episode was close to my heart…it was “Loaded: Britney Spears.” I need to pause for a moment: don’t you even dare think of saying a drunken B. Spears joke or I will slap you through your computer screen. As my mother says, “Try me.”

Anywho, as I was enjoying a diet coke and some Britney, I thought about all the other songs Britney should have released and shared with the masses.

Can’t Make You Love Me

This ridiculously catchy song lands as track number 10 on Spears second studio album “Oops…I Did It Again.” What I think Britney was trying to convey in this pop-ballad is the fact that she doesn’t need a man who has boatloads of money or fame in order to be their lady.

As for the music video, I picture Britney just finishing a concert and being whisked away to her sweet Hummer limo. On her way, she spots a handsome roadie packing up some equipment. All of a sudden…BAM…Brit is smacked in the face by Cupid himself.

This song is Britney’s way of letting her roadie know she could trade in those fancy cars to be his groupie. The rest of the video proceeds to tell the tale of Britney and her roadie living the dream in the back of a pickup.

Favise lyrics: “Don’t care about money/It doesn’t give me half the thrill/ To the thought of you, honey.” *cough* K-fed *cough*

Britney – You don’t need to make anyone love you…they already do boo, they already do.


The title of the song says it all! You know Britney has a few nights like these under her belt. While this is a slow jam, it does give us three minutes and seven seconds of pure honesty from my spiritual goddess.

Horrendously buried at track number 8 on Spears sixth studio album “Circus,” “Blur” tells the tale of B. Spears waking up at a random dude’s bachelor pad and not remembering a damn thing. Britney sings, “Who are you? What we do…last night?” Oh you know what they did alright.

I picture the music video beginning with the camera facing a window as the sun is coming up. The camera spans down and we see Britney with an arm over her eyes saying, “Turn the lights out/This shit is way too fucking bright/Wanna poke my eyes out.”

Next, Britney realizes there is a random, but beautiful man next to her who happens to be naked…no big deal. The rest of the music video consists of Britney gathering her belongings that were thrown all over while simultaneously flashing back to the glorious night before. The end shows Britney walking out of the dude’s place with a smile on her face.

Favise lyrics: “Where the hell am I?”

Britney – This jam cemented you as my spiritual goddess for the rest of my life. Call me!

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