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Song Writing Improves Your English Learning Skills

By Tlb

Has music been your own personal passion? Most people are musically inclined, basically. There are those who can sing, dance, play instrument, and even directs it. But one unexpected music talent that we can relate to someone who chooses to learn English language is the talent to write songs.

Song Writing and  English Learning Skills: Sheet music cover

Sheet music cover for a 1915 song by William J. McKenna celebrating the drink (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Could it be? Can someone really learn English language with just writing songs?


First and foremost, a person who is writing songs is basically knowledgeable with the language he’d be using. The composer is naturally skilled with the language he will use to write the songs and express the proper emotions on it. If the composer is writing English songs, then he’d be naturally skilled with English in the first place. Otherwise, he will have a difficult time composing each word that is needed to fit in each line.


Song composing is almost very similar with poem writing. In poems, you need to know how many syllables are needed in each line; it could be four, six, eight, or twelve. Of course, rhymes should be considered at each end of the line. A pattern should be audible in each line thus forming one stanza. In songs, these are all the same as well. There should be versus one to four, as the typical odds, and refrains, choruses, pre-choruses, and bridges. A song could also contain an adlib as well, depending on the song.


Each word used as an expression in a song is very important. You don’t just put words on it just because you feel like it. Each word—each English word, to be specific—must be harmonious with the song. That makes songs well-appreciated. It’s a work of art. And it can only be made excellently when the composer is naturally skilled with such talent plus his knowledge in English language.


Our language schools may not teach you how to write songs but it can certainly teach you how to improve your English—which can actually be a help when you choose to write songs. Having an outstanding English skill is a big addition to your enhancements prior to your musical skills.


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