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Sometimes You Have to Walk Away…..

By Patientgardener @patientgardener
Sometimes you have to walk away….. order to see something with fresh eyes and a new purpose and this is exactly where I am with my garden and this blog.

The persistent reader will have noticed that I haven't written a blog post since last summer and to be honest the fact that you are checking in now is a credit to you and not to me - so thank you.

I did write a long post about all the recent trials and tribulations which lead to my lack of blogging but amongst those trials and tribulations was missing the renewal of my subscription to wordpress. Which in turn meant that I lost my storage plan, which is now no longer available and so I have had to remove a significant amount of photos from the older posts and take out a new plan. I wasn't going to bother but my perverse nature means I was cross at being thwarted in my attempts to start blogging again so I have over the last week or so sorted this out. However, the long blog post was lost so you, dear reader, have been saved from the effort of reading that.

The real driver for coming back to the blog is that I am finally beginning to enjoy my garden again. A whole host of things have affected this for probably 3-4 years but back at the start of winter something changed and I found myself tidying up with a new interest and purpose and plans have been forming. Nothing grand or ambitious, quite plans which reflect where I am now mentally with my garden and its importance to me.

Whilst I may have not undertaken that much actual physical gardening over the last couple of years I have done a lot of looking, not just at my garden but at other gardens whilst out and about and I think I am finally working out what I really like. One of the problems with the wealth of information that is now available to us on the internet is that you can be overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts and you loose sight of what matters to you. Since I started blogging in 2008 my interests and priorities have been through a number of iterations. I have dabbled in numerous horticultural interests including alpines, plant showing, photography, propagation of all types, writing, even a monthly radio spot and far too much horticultural therapy.

Now I have reached a place where I feel the relevance of my garden to me no longer dominates my spare time, it is compatible to my other interests not fighting them and there is a better balance in my life which is better for my mental health. Gardening is a part of who I am, it no longer defines who I am.

Going forward I expect to blog weekly or bi-weekly and the blog posts will probably be about whatever seems interesting to me when I'm in the garden or maybe from other gardens I visit during the year. I hope you enjoy the new more relaxed and personal approach and thank you again for dropping by.

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