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Sometimes It Might Be Better to Just Sell

Posted on the 23 February 2018 by Worldwide @thedomains

Many in the business know the story of, the large multinational car company wanted from it’s owner Uzi Nissan. wrote an excellent piece on the history of the dispute and how it affected the life of Uzi Nissan. The story is food for thought if you could or would take on a large multinational over a domain name. Of course people love to comment, “F them” or “I will do whatever it takes.” Even though Uzi prevailed in the legal realm it cost him quite a lot. It was really a pyrrhic victory for Uzi Nissan.

You always to ask yourself, “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”

From the article:

A Weary Victory

The legal battle ultimately took eight years, and, according to Uzi, had cost him and his family nearly $3 million. It’s no surprise that he feels like he never quite prevailed.

This was all time removed from his business and family and while speaking with Jalopnik, Uzi was understandably hesitant to talk about the toll it took on his personal life. It’s clear it’s not a happy subject.

“Who the hell wants to buy a computer from a company that’s in a lawsuit with a giant like Nissan Motor?” he said. “I would have let it go first day if I knew what I would have to go through, and what it would do to me and my family,” Uzi told Jalopnik. “I was driven 99.9 percent out of business.”

Read the full story as it’s an excellent read.

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