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Sometimes I Hate Laziness. Rant Time! [Monday August 22, 2011]

Posted on the 29 August 2011 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo

Ok so, this might sound rich coming from me - seeing as [for those of you that have been to my house before] my house and room are usually kept in various stages of disarray and I usually cannot find it within myself to be bothered cleaning it... ahem. But I'm talking about the attitude that seems to consume people today, ESPECIALLY the younger generations, that says, "Yeah, I'll do that eventually" or "Yeah, that looks good. Might go to it" but then never actually do go back and do what they said they'll do, or go to wherever they said they'll go.

A classic example is RSVPing.

Okay. If you RSVP yes to something, then I'm pretty sure the decent thing is to go to it. Obviously notwithstanding death, sickness, disease etc, then of course you have an excuse. But there is this mentality today that says "I'll go if I feel like going on the day". I'm not saying I'm exempt from this, I think we've all done it at least once in our lives. However it struck me just how terribly lazy and just plain rude that can be.

Aside from RSVPing, there's the texting/calling/replying to messages thing.

Now. I take full acceptance of the fact that I am right-royally TERRIBLE at replying a lot of the time (I am slowly trying to rectify this distasteful habit), but it has occurred to me in recent weeks just how prominent it is for people to either ignore messages they receive, or reply a good week after the fact.


Ok sure, sometimes you just don't want to talk to anyone, which I definitely understand. But (and this is where truthfully, it really ticks me off) when you receive a message/call in regards to something important that is happening, i.e. a birthday, get-together, event - THEN YOU SHOULD REPLY STRAIGHT AWAY. It's not rocket science! Call the person if you're feeling lazy and don't want to text them. If you don't have credit, fine - use facebook or some other means to get in touch.

I merely outline these annoyances because I feel it is becoming integrated into society now that it's okay to be lazy. It's okay to be half-arsed with plans, and okay to respond to someone after the fact has occurred. When really, I don't think it is okay.

Am I the only one out there who thinks this?

I can already think of a few friends who will be thinking - "Oh Jayne. You silly little hypocrite. You're terrible at replying." To which I respond - "I KNOW." [in my little sing-songy roll-of-the-eyes way, followed by a chuckle]

And now I guess I will have to up my game.


Okay yes I definitely will lol.

But in all honesty - it is rude. It takes the lazy way out of things. And I feel somewhat saddened by that; that our society has resorted to being this way, and people think it's okay. Well, in my opinion, it's not. Improve your act people! Man/Woman up! Be better than what society expects of you! [mental note to self: Jayne, you included. lol]

Yes, alright. I'm done. Gonna go get some din dins from the KG village now lol.

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