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Something Wild About That Turkey

By Vikasacharya
February 2, 2017

Something Wild About That Turkey

Something Wild About That Turkeykoolkosherkitchen

Of all the silly infantile jokes, this one takes the cake (or a pumpkin pie, in this case):

What did the turkey say when he saw a computer? “Google, google, google!”

I guess that was a wild turkey who had never been introduced to a Publix freezer. But then, if we believe the story about Pilgrims and Indians, and the first Thanksgiving, those turkeys did not know from Publix either. I am talking about the birds, Beautiful People, not the Pilgrims and Indians!  Since at this day and age we have to hunt for our turkeys (real or vegan) in a supermarket freezer, I decided to give it at least something wild – stuffing.


I was asked for stuffing recipes, so here is a wild one! We used to roast duck with this stuffing, and I thought a turkey would also appreciate something original. I used a mix of…

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