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Something I Read on Another Blog Reminded Me of This...

Posted on the 30 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
Monty Python's "The Idiot in Society":

Someplace such as the Faculty of Idiocy at the University of East Anglia is the only place I can imagine this person receiving an education. Of course, the village idiot is a part of the old village system, and as such has a vital role to play in a modern rural society, because there is this very real need in society for someone whom almost anyone can look down on and ridicule. And this is the role that this person and members of his family have fulfilled in his village for the past four hundred years.

Unfortunately, I can't see this person having lucid moments: he's a full time idiot. Although the post that provoked this one had me thinking of this idiot being a lecturer in idiocy: something he's well qualified.

It's nice to know that after three years of study this idiot received a diploma of idiocy, a handful of mud and a kick on the head.

He is still a glutton for punishment which is why he enjoys making idiotic comments on people's blogs.

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