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Somebody's Gotta Sleep On It......

By Eatingcrowpie @eatingcrowpie

Here's something I bet no one saw coming- but, first! Please sit down (if you're standing) so you don't fall down and crack your head open like a watermelon when you read these next few words.
I found a crib I like......at Wal-Mart.
[Collective gasp from the crowd!]
I know, right? "But, Rachel, you hate Wal-Mart!" This is true. I have on more than one occasion even referred to it as Wal-Fart; however, I may give them a chance to redeem themselves on a single purchase.
You see, I've been thinking about the baby's room and cribs for a while now. I even started my own Baby Ideas ideabook on Houzz a few years ago before Boots and I even talked babies. Boots' one request is that the crib be wood, not white, which is not what I had envisioned but, I can work with it. I like wood. Something dark and nature-y. Sounds good to me.
I've been haunting a few of my favorite blogs that have babies lately to see if I can learn from them and their decisions. Imagine my surprise when I found out that John and Sherry's crib came from Wal-Mart! I thought, "If it's good enough for their baby, it's good enough for mine because I know they put waaaay more thought and research into it than I have so far."
A few clicks on the Wal-Mart website and look, I found their white crib's wood sister!

Somebody's Gotta Sleep On It......

Official Wal-Mart page with crib website found here.
+Dark, New Zealand pine wood. No MDWhatever that's going to fall apart after getting slobbered on.
+No bad, scary, dangerous baby-killer chemicals.
+The sides don't move up or down. Little Houdini won't be able to escape!
+It's cheap, $200. Sounds like a winner to me.
+Mattress sold separately so I can pick out my own elsewhere.
+No bad reviews.
+Very safe according to those people that keep up with that sort of thing.
-No bad reviews. Sometimes you need to hear the other side, ya know?
-It's a Wal-Mart product.
-It's bought from Wal-Mart.
-You get it at Wal-Mart.
Decisions, decisions. I may have to make a trip down to the store myself (but not by myself!) and make sure this thing is too good to be true.
In the meantime, you can be sure I'll be checking to see if Target has a comparable product.

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