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Some Weimar Links

By Praymont
Some Weimar linksIn this 1922 photo are (from left to right): Wieland Herzfelde, Eva and George Grosz, Rudolf Schlichter, and John Heartfield.
A new collection of papers on Weimar culture from Princeton University Press: Weimar Thought: A Contested Legacy. In includes an article by Frederick Beiser on the neo-Kantians. Here's the Table of Contents with abstracts for each paper.
Eileen Battersby reviews Erich Kästner's Going to the Dogs: the Story of a Moralist.
'Kurt Tucholsky -- Advocate of the dying Weimar Republic'.
Friedhelm Greis on Tucholsky. More Tucholsky: 'In Berlin, Kurt Tucholsky discovered his stage, he wrote the lyrics for revues and literary cabarets - honed, polemical texts with a shot of ribald humor. His first record appeared, a shellac treasure with the song "When the Old Motor Ticks Again." It was a massive hit.'
Entries on Tucholsky and others at Berlin: The City as Body, The City as Metaphor, which is the site for a course at Stanford University.
Avner Shapira on Irmgard Keun:
If the two novels she published in the twilight era of the Weimar Republic turned her into a literary star, then the Nazi ban led to her being forgotten for a very long time. Only near the end of her days was she rediscovered and the recipient of widespread recognition. ... "Doris may be a refreshing character - funny, charming and very human," continues [Hanan] Elstein. "But she also embodies the ignorance, systematic blindness and apathy - blinded by the materialistic plenty and the lack of political awareness that aided the rise of the Nazis in 1933."
From 2008, Ian Buruma on Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz.
Recordings of George Mosse's 1979 lectures for a course called 'European Cultural History: 1880-1920'. The lectures that begin with Lecture 23 seem to focus on Weimar.
Historical Dictionary of the Weimar Republic.

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