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Some People Get Upset When You Beat Them to a Domain Registration

Posted on the 29 November 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

We all have had a domain name we planned to hand register get registered right before we decided to purchase. Many have had domain names drop from their portfolio due to failure to renew.

Sometimes people get pissed that the name they wanted or forgot to renew gets snapped up before them.

Namepros member CJ6 was out on a date night with his wife when he got a phone call from one such domain registrant.

He posted the following:

I hand regged a domain last week. It is a geographic domain of Ontario + (marijuana keyword) .com. Two days later, I receive a call from “Unknown.” I’m on a date night with my wife, so I didn’t answer it. I received the following message on my voicemail.

Yo, (my name), why would you register Ontario****.com? You’re in Colorado, whatever the f*ck dude, like that’s really not even cool. F*ck it. You know, that was our domain. We had it already registered and set aside. The fact that you actually have it and that you are so close to the whole situation there… with umm.. It just, it seems really f*cking strange that you would even have that.

So, umm… If you want to hit me back, you can f*ckin hit me back at umm… You know what I mean, f*ck it. I’m just going to go ahead and f*cking move on from here. But that’s really f*cked up that you would do that because you took our domain from us mother f*cker. Like.. serious sh*t, that’s really not cool at all.

So, ummm…The more we stand over here, like we know for a fact what’s going on in Ontario and if I hear of any (my name) in the f*cking city come through or anything like that, I’m going to have the crew basically like f*cking look at what’s going on and make a determination as to what happens next, bro. Alright, and umm… Yeah, That’s really f*cked up that you would do that dude. That’s just really f*ckin unnecessarily f*ckin abusive on your part. That’s f*cked up dude.
(hangs up)

The thread is worth a read here on Namepros

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