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Some Ideal Surfaces for Indoor Kids’ Playgrounds

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

Some ideal surfaces for indoor kids’ playgrounds

Safe playground surfaces such as interlocking rubber flooring are the best for kids 'rooms. These allow the little ones to have fun without the risk of getting hurt in case of a fall. Rubber is an excellent material type for flooring surfaces. It is manufactured from commercial grade, resilient, shock absorbing and waterproof rubber mats and tiles. These are ADA compliant, which means they're non-toxic and chemical free. Apart from rubber, parents may opt for bamboo, cork, and linoleum flooring too. They're eco-friendly, soft and long-lasting. A kids' playground area - whether it's inside the home or outside - has to make sure that the child is kept safe and sound. Here are some guidelines to consider before choosing a type of floor for your kid's playground area.

Some ideal surfaces for indoor kids’ playgrounds
Resilient rubber surfaces

Resilient rubber surfaces are shock absorbing flooring systems that blend low maintenance, impact safety, compliance and design flexibility to make sure that your kids enjoy play time in the safest possible type of environment. Rubber is an ideal solution for surfacing their bedrooms and play areas, inside and outside the home. Made of a material that is 100% non-porous and eco-friendly, rubber flooring is additionally hygienic and liquid proof. It is non-slippery and puncture resistant, thus making sure that accidents don't occur if you look away.

Installed carpet system

An installed carpet system is ideal in kids' bedrooms, schools and play areas. It comes with indoor safety flooring, and it is made of a blend of materials that keep accidents like spills from penetrating the carpet's lowest level. Cleaning is fast and easy, as well as daily maintenance. Look for carpet systems that are ADA compliant to be sure that the perimeter edges eliminate tripping hazards. Furthermore, it might also be a good idea to choose antimicrobial carpets; this way you eliminate the risk of allergies and ingestion of potential toxic chemicals. Carpeting systems for kids' playgrounds come in a variety of colors, patterns and models. Choose the one that best matches with your child's preferences.

Some ideal surfaces for indoor kids’ playgrounds
Resilient vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring systems are manufactured from advanced fall-rated surfacing, and they're ideally installed all around the home. If you have small kids and the entire house is their playground, then you might as well consider this type of material. The system comes with ramped ADA and patented tapered edges, as well as shock-absorbing features. For your kid's room, you might also check out the special reinforced layered system made of fiberglass. It will provide the safest protection in areas where falls are a concern.

Safety rug system

A safety rug system is the result of an advanced technological process. First off, there's a protective surface manufactured; it is designed to baby playgrounds. It is extremely useful if you want to teach your toddler to walk. The system is perfectly capable of preventing any sort of indoor fall hazard. Safety rugs are shock absorbing; they combine customized water resistant carpeting and proprietary green-label adhesive to make falls pain-fee. There's a wide range of models and colors parents can choose from. Decided on the type that compliments your baby room's décor. A safety rug system offers outstanding impact resilience; it is flame retardant and waterproof, and the perimeter edges can easily be fitted in any sort of space.

Some ideal surfaces for indoor kids’ playgrounds
Cork flooring

Cork is an all-natural, eco-friendly type of material. Similar to wood, cork planks and tiles vary in pattern and shade definition. It is excellent all around the home because it handles humidity pretty well, and it is affordable too. Thanks to its minor expansion and contraction abilities, this material stabilizes a space's humidity and heat levels, thus permitting proper acclimatization. Prior to the installation process, the cork tiles must be taken out of the box and left to breathe for about 72 hours. Throughout the installation, the material will preserve a relative humidity level that usually consistent with the space's general conditions - air conditioned or heated.

Before decorating your child's room with the finest furniture items and most appealing toys and accessories, you should pick the flooring system. Kids fall all the time, especially when they're toddlers. To prevent harmful accidents, you are advised to pick a soft, top-quality material for the floor. Have a closer look at the options presented above and make an informed decision.

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