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Some Good News (My First E-Book!) and Some Weird News (Say Goodbye to Bradley…)

By Shrinkingthecamel

Some Good News (My First E-Book!) and Some Weird News (Say Goodbye to Bradley…)First, the good news: Patheos Press has just released my first e-book.

Finally! You’re thinking. What took those publishers so long? I know, I know. The uphill battle is always so unexpected, isn’t it?

Well, seriously, it’s a miracle I am getting anything published at all – even a lousy non-hard-cover e-book – considering how lazy and obstinate I have been towards this whole publishing thing.

It’s not like there was a spontaneous combustion of literary agents pounding down my door just because I decided to start blogging one day. And I haven’t exactly been throwing myself all over publishers and agents at writing conferences in a desperate attempt to get published. But, oddly enough, I thought about it all the time.

No, friends, I just kind of bumbled around for the past four years, blogging and helping out my friends at The High Calling.

Then one day I overheard some of the Higher-Ups at The High Calling talking about a partner website, Patheos (the uber-progressive and super-successful multi-faith religion website). Apparently, Patheos was interested in venturing into e-books, and did The High Calling have any ideas for content?

Yes, I was eavesdropping.

I immediately determined to glom on to this emerging opportunity, and rudely inserted myself into the conversation. Before you could say Jack Schmidt, off went a brief, one-page proposal. Patheos liked my idea, and that was that.

So now, before I go and direct you towards an awesome $4.99 purchase of this amazing e-book at Amazon or Nook, here’s the weird news:

I will no longer be using the name Bradley J. Moore.

As some of you know (and many of you have probably guessed (and many more who could care less)), I have been writing under a pen name for the past four years. There’s plenty good explanation why, but I’ll save that for another day. Today, I want to re-introduce myself.


My name is James B. Wood. What’s yours?

Here is my Facebook page. Here is my LinkedIn page. Here is the business book I wrote twelve years ago that got me hooked on writing.

This is me. I will no longer be hiding behind a pen name.

From this point henceforth, I will be using J.B. Wood as my writing name, because, as you can see, it has a much better ring to it than the thud-inducing “Jim Wood.” I hope you are okay with that.

And now, I would like you to say hello to my e-book:

Some Good News (My First E-Book!) and Some Weird News (Say Goodbye to Bradley…)

Read it! Buy it! Be inspired by it! Tell your friends!

I will miss Bradley. I really, really, really liked that pen name. You can still call me Brad, if you’d like, since that’s my middle name. Yeah, that’s the “B” in J.B.

Thanks to Tina for the photo!

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