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Some First Three Episode Hints About Season 4

Posted on the 10 June 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

EW gushes about getting advanced copies of the first three episodes of True Blood Season 4 and they promise that they do not disappoint!  Yea, we’re so looking forward to seeing them.

Some first three episode hints about Season 4

In the meantime, they have been asking  on Twitter if anyone had specific True Blood questions about the first three episodes, here’s what they could share:


Will there finally be a steamy sex scene(s) between Eric and Sookie? – @StephanieSnow1
Sworn to secrecy, but know that it’s a key plot point in Charlaine Harris’ fourth installment of the book series.


It would be fang-tastic if you could tell me how long I have to wait to see Eric/Sookie heat! Thanks, Ellyn — @mindonlost
Honey, there’s always heat. And there’s a lot more to that “It’s not a dream” scene that you saw in the HBO-released promo where Eric caught Sookie wearing nothing more than a pink towel.


Eric & Sookie please! Alcide & Sookie maybe? I love Allan Hyde, so will we get more Eric/Godric flashbacks? #TB Oh, and I would love some Jessica & Hoyt if possible. Thank you! #tbwithdrawal — @bronzia88
That’s a mouthful! I’ll take Jessica & Hoyt. Actually, I’m glad you asked about them, because they have a prominently featured arc this season, that begins in episode 1 with a HUGE —–.



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