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Some Deeper Aspects About Doing Full Moon Meditations

By Luphil

In case you are doing full moon meditations and you are interested in some deeper aspects, you might continue reading – otherwise just leave it aside.

The last days, there were some discussions about the differences regarding full moon celebrations and differences between the “Western” dates as per the solar calendar and the “Eastern” dates according to the lunar calendar.

I had some exchanges with Master Kumar for clarifications especially in relation to how to celebrate the Vaisakh festival. We write Vaisakh festival and not Wesak (Vesak) festival, as used for the Buddhist festival, the reason for which you find later below.

Some Deeper Aspects about Doing Full Moon Meditations

I am not going to explain any intricacies here – and the Master ended his last, longer letter with the words:
“I wonder how many in our groups have good knowledge of Astrology. Now, we add in slow degrees the magical dimensions of the Moon. In my teachings, when I get deep into Astrology, most of the listeners get drowsy and sleepy


The Path is made simple and is given by Patanjali and Lord Krishna. They too did not dwell into sciences of astrology and astronomy. As an aspirant transforms into a disciple and moves towards the Soul, there are always fresh revelations of wisdom. Excessive dedication towards these sciences may cause a deviation from the Path, which Krishna cautions in the 7th chapter of Bhagavad Gita. To sum up, Vaisakh festival, in its true sense, is fourfold. As one enters and walks the Path, revelations happen, which are called initiations. So much for now. I hope, I have complicated and confused. I know for certain, that you understand, since you have a tremendous hunger for knowledge. But for other simple students of Yoga, it may cause headache. Nevertheless, to satisfy advanced members, you can share to this extent.”

So, here are a few hints, taken from two letters and partly a little adapted – in case, read it with an open heart and a meditative mind – not with a questioning mind ready to jump up.

“The Wesak festival is originally known as Vaisakha Festival. Vaisakha is one of the names of Lord Sanat Kumara. Ever since He assumed to be the Lord of this planet, this festival came to be. It is ages before the advent of Lord Buddha. There is a constellation among the 27 Nakshatra constellations called Vaisakha. It is the 16th constellation. When the full moon happens in this constellation, it is celebrated as Vaisakha Festival.
It is a distortion to call it as Wesak festival and Taurus festival. In the year 2021, in the month of April, on 27th, the full moon point was around 9:52 am IST when moon was in Swathi, 15th constellation. In May 2021, the full moon phase begins on 25th May at 7.51pm IST and concludes on 26 at 5.24 pm. Vaisakha begins at 4.20pm IST on 25th and concludes. The full moon point happens at 5.25 pm IST on 26th. Therefore, it is the night of 25th which is relevant for us to orient to Vaisakha Festival.
A day before a after are also important. Knowledge is unendingly occult. We move into and relate as much as is known. It is important to observe the constellation in which the full moon is happening. Fact is, this festival is on 25th night, our logic and understanding apart. It would be beneficial if our members familiarize with the book on Nakshatras as a preliminary step.

Some Deeper Aspects about Doing Full Moon Meditations

The Lord Sanat Kumara conducts 4 festivals in relation to the Earth during the year.

  1. Vaisakh Festival: The first one is introduced as the Vaisakh festival, which relates to the star (constellation) Visakha. The festival can also happen in Anuradha, which is an inseparable associate of Visakha.
  2. Scorpio festival: The second festival happens in Scorpio during Scorpio full moon, when the Sun is in Scorpio and Moon is in Krithika (Pleiades). It can also happen in Rohini. Scorpio is known as the month of Karthika, because the full moon mostly happens when the Sun is in Scorpio and Moon is in Karthika. The aspirant in Taurus or Vaisakha tends to be an occult student in the festival of Karthika. His focus shifts from the world to the inner world. He slowly and gradually detaches from the objective world and grows in the subjective world, with regular occult practices into which he gets entry with aid of Nature or a Teacher. He consecrates himself and strenuously the practices within to relate through symbols, colours and sounds. He takes to esoteric study and gradually transforms his life. He lives more in the hidden side of the being than in the pompous and glamour side of the world. It is like a caterpillar withdrawing into a cocoon. He transforms. This is truly a transformation that leads him from personality to Soul.
    In Taurus, he is bound by individuality. In Scorpio, he develops radiant and magnetic personality, relating to the Soul. He tries to function as Soul and expresses through personality. This magical work culminates with a festival of Karthika, which is but Scorpio full moon. This full moon can also happen in Rohini. Rohini, and Krithika are again a pair by character. Krithika is called scissors. Rohini is called Aldebaran (birth star of Krishna).
  3. Leo festival: The Hierarchy has a program to lead the New Group of World Servers into the Leo festival and lead the successful ones to the Leo festival, which happens when Sun is in Leo and Moon is in Sravana. The star Sravana comes from the name of the Kumara as Saravana. The purpose of the festival is to enable the disciple to be able to perceive the Plan, through sound and vision and conduct with knowledge and ability coming from the previous festival, Karthika. The star Sravana occultly bestows Mastery over the five senses, the five sense organs and five pulsations. It enables extra sensory perception.
  4. Aquarian festival: The Aquarian festival happens when the Sun is in Aquarius and the moon is in Makha (the first constellation of Leo, which is also called Regulus). The disciple becomes a magical worker through Makha and cooperates with the Plan and continues to progress associating with the hierarchy.

Sanat Kumara presides over these four groups of World Servers in collaboration with Hierarchy. It means, the festival of Vaisakh in Taurus, the festival of Karthika in Scorpio and the festival Saravana or Sravana, the festival of Makha in Aquarius are relevant for us, in relation to Sambala and Sanat Kumara. Therefore, the members should know the moon’s placement in relation to the following stars:

  • Vaisakha – Visakha, Anuradha
  • Karthika – Krithika, Rohini
  • Sravana – Sravana, Dhanishta
  • Aquarius – Makha

When a full moon happens in these stars, the energies of Sanat Kumara are distributed which our members should know. The other full moons also happen in pairs of Stars (Nakshatra constellations), which I give below:

Some Deeper Aspects about Doing Full Moon Meditations
  • Aries – Chitta and Swathi
  • Gemini – Jyestha and Moola
  • Cancer – Purvashada and Uttarashada
  • Virgo – Purvabhadra and Uttarabhadra
  • Libra – Aswini and Bharani
  • Sagittarius – Mrugashira and Ardra
  • Capricorn – Pushyami and Ashlesha
  • Pisces – Purvaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni

In Satabhisham, Revathi, Punarvasu, they (full moons) generally do not happen. But, due to Moon’s erratic movements and varying sizes of constellations, exceptionally it may happen. These constellations and related stars have puranic clues to gain additional information relating to Cosmic and Solar intelligences. Wherever it is relevant, we relate to them for our purpose. Bringing lunar based astrology in toto would confuse what is already promoted by Hierarchy via HPB, AAB and EK.

Lastly, the new group of world servers need to move from mutable signs to fixed signs, and fixed signs to cardinal signs. Discipleship is to work with the fixed signs, eliminating the inconsistencies of the mutable signs. Therefore the four festivals are presided over by Sanat Kumara to fix the aspirant on the Path.

“Aquarian Cross” is a book dedicated for this purpose, where I eliminated introduction of the constellation to avoid confusion. It happened in 1993. After 28 years, it is revealed on demand. Teaching is but spoon feeding, but not dumping.

Moon light is magical. It brings in the energies of Venus, Neptune and Soma. Magic has its own, slippery dimension. We get into the Moon, in slow degrees. The book on the Moon itself, was given after all other books on planets. It is followed by constellation. Now this is an addendum to what is recently given on Wisdom of Nakshatras.”

So much for now.

Some Deeper Aspects about Doing Full Moon Meditations

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