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Solero Mojito Ice Lollies with Rum (Adults Only!) Review

By Kev A @kevvieguy
Solero Mojito Ice Lollies with Rum (Adults Only!) Review
Amongst the Summer ice creams in Morrisons recently I spotted these new Mojito Solero's with Rum. I was excited to try them thanks to the promised rum flavor as it's not something you often see in an ice lolly. The box had "Adults Only" written on it which of course meant I had to show ID when buying them (nanny state that we're living in!), but at least I can take comfort in thinking I look younger than my age!
I couldn't wait to try the lollies as it was a hot day, and they looked enticingly refreshing on the box. I was imagining a cool, refreshing lime and rum combination. They're described as "Mojito flavor lemon lime water ice with rum and a mint flavor lemon lime core".
Unfortunately when I opened the wrapper I could tell they wouldn't be as nice as anticipated. They had a rather weak lime aroma and didn't look all that exciting.
Solero Mojito Ice Lollies with Rum (Adults Only!) Review
Taking a bite, all I could really taste was a slightly tangy, watery lime flavor...with an aftertaste of mint. It was very pleasant and subtle, and if the lollies had been advertised as "Lime and Mint" I suppose I would've been fairly satisfied. But they were supposed to taste of rum, too - yet the rum flavor was completely absent! I asked my friend if he could taste any and he said he couldn't either.
Solero Mojito Ice Lollies with Rum (Adults Only!) Review
The box lists rum as 0.2% in the ingredients list, which is low but I would've thought it enough to detect in the taste...but no - no rum flavor to be had here! The "mint, lemon & lime core" contained some sort of lime pulp, which wasn't the nicest texture although it did provide a bit of substance to chew on.
Overall these are pleasant enough mint and lime lollies, but don't go expecting to get tipsy on them!
RATING: 6.5 out of 10.  
Price: £1.50 per 3-pack at Morrisons (special offer).
Suitable for vegetarians?: Not stated.
Alcohol content: 0.298%. For adults only (yes, the pack really says this!)
Nutrition (per lolly): 55 Calories, 0.5g Fat, 12g Carbs, 12g Sugar.

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