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Soldier Blue (1970) Movie Review

By Newguy

Soldier Blue – Movie Review 

Soldier Blue

Director: Ralph Nelson

Writer: Theodore V Olsen, John Gay (Screenplay)


  • Candice Bergen (Sweet Home Alabama)
  • Peter Strauss (Nick of Time)
  • Donaldo Pleasence (Halloween)
  • John Anderson (Psycho)
  • Jorde Rivero (Conquest)

 Plot: After a cavalry patrol is ambushed by the Cheyenne, the two survivors, a soldier and a woman, must reach the safety of the nearest fort.  

Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes  

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review 

Story: Soldier Blue starts when a cavalry patrol is transporting Cresta (Bergen) to safety. However, along the way they get attacked by the Cheyenne soldiers, who leave only Honus (Strauss) and Cresta alive. While Cresta has experienced living in the open before, the pair must put their difference aside to survive.

Along the way, the pair learn about each other, as they face different challenges. Honus learns more about the Cheyennes and learns about the way he has been facing. However, their new friendship is meant to be heading to safety.  

Verdict on Soldier Blue

Soldier Blue is a western following two survivors of a Cheyenne attack on a calvary group. They get to know each other and learn the war has brought out the worst in people. However, they face their toughest challenge ever to stop the bloodshed.

This is an interesting Western as we get to see the two getting to know each other and learn the truth about the war. While this side is great to see. However, it has been branded controversial due to the horrific final act. This is a disturbing watch and ends up leaving us speechless at the horrors done to the people. 

Final Thoughts Soldier Blue is a disturbing Western.

Soldier Blue (1970) Movie Review

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