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Solar Superstorm

By Harry @web_pensioner

How would you manage without a mobile phone, satellite television, sat-nav, gps, land line phone and of coarse the internet.


Boffins have given a warning about a solar super-storm for Britain  but its not only Britain its the whole world that would be hit.

Britain must do more to prepare for a once-in-a-century “solar superstorm”, according to experts.


The Government is being urged by the Royal Academy of Engineering to set up a UK Space Weather Board to help cope with a massive radiation blast from the Sun.

Such an explosion could trigger black-outs, knock out one in 10 satellites, and disrupt aircraft and GPS systems.

Statistically a solar super-storm is likely to occur every 100 to 200 years.


This could result in being without mobile and land-line phones, satellite television stations, GPS, satellites in orbit with sensitive microchips will be in the path of the particles from a solar super-storm.

the Earth has not experienced a superstorm since the start of the space age.

The last true super-storm, known as the “Carrington event” occurred in 1859.

Read the carrington-event—the-1859–carrington-event—123023809.html

Photos from Yahoo News.

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