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Solar Powered Charging Table

By Steadyeddie

Recharge mobile batteries outdoors – bring me sunshine, bring me power

The everyday use of smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed over the past few years, and is overtaking desktop traffic for many websites. The world is becoming an ever more connected place and sales of smartphones continue to rise. In 2015 mobile devices will continue to dominate.

With the constant checking and updating on mobile devices the most limiting factor for mobile use is the duration of power supply from the devices’ battery.

A solar panel table gives you the chance to charge your portable digital devices when you are outside.

Recently some businesses have seen an opportunity to attract customers by offering charging stations so people don’t scrabble around trying to hook up to any available power sockets.  These charging stations could be simple multi socket adapters indoors (for which there is usually a fee) or alternatively customers can sit at table outside, reading or working on a laptop whilst their batteries are charge via a solar powered charging table.

The Sol Table from Sol NRG is a solar power charging table that captures sunshine to produce the electricity that can charge your device’s battery, be it a mobile phone, tablet, laptop computer or a portable games console.

This innovative piece of technology is ideal for bars, restaurants and campsites to give customers a much appreciated service.  Some people are so impressed with the solar powered table charger that they have one in their garden and work in the sun.  The tables are easily stored and can be folded into an upright position making them easy to transport so they could be taken into a park or on to the beach.

With a charging time of 3 hours on a sunny day, once fully charged, you can move the table into the shade and it will still work as a charger. In fact, once the table is fully charged, it has enough energy to charge a smartphone up to 33 times, so a fully charged table your battery should easily last the whole day.

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