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Sojos Organic Catnip: Just Read The Reviews!

By Petslady @petslady

Sojos Organic CatnipSojos Organic CatnipMy own cat was never moved by catnip, or any other nip, to go silly, no less crazy.  He's an indoor/outdoor cat, who does get bored inside, even with a basket full of toys, a cat condo, and a bay window overlooking treetops with tons of birds.  Then, a friend suggested I try Sojos Organic Catnip....

One ounce of the stuff sells for about $10, except on Amazon, but let me tell you, it's worth the price, and it goes a long way. I don't want my cat bouncing off the walls, but this catnip makes him so playful and frisky, that he even bats around his little toy mice without my encouragement. 

He'll chase a red laser light around for a half hour straight, up and down the walls, across the floor, and around the house, and he's 8 years old!  I'm so happy to see this, because there are days when it's too cold, too hot, or too rainy for him to go outside, and on those days, he still needs to get some exercise.

I was reading through the customer reviews on Amazon today and some of them are a riot, so if you want a LOL experience, go read them.  If you want to give your cat an LOL experience, buy some Sojos Organic Catnip.  Use it sparingly and no more than twice a week, or your cat will become tired of it.  (Big surprise?)


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