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So...I'm Published!

Posted on the 25 April 2012 by Selane @SummerEllenLane

So...I'm Published!
I'm a published author, now! All right. Technically I've been published thousands of times as a freelance writer, but putting a book out into the universe takes publishing to a whole new level. For me, anyway. I wrote Snappy Social Networking: How to Dominate the Blogosphere & Everything in Between because I learned a bunch of valuable advice when I was a beginner blogger, tweeter and Facebooker (somehow I doubt if that's a real word). 
So what is my book about? It's short, it's snappy (so clever, I know) and it's helpful. Remember all those things you wished somebody would tell you when you were setting up a blog or Twitter account and so forth? Yup. I went and spilled the beans. I hope you guys will check it's astronomically priced at - wait for it - 0.99 cents!!! *gasp* I'm really excited to finally put a book out there, and there are many more to come. I know that a lot of you were wondering if my book was fiction or non-fiction. Fear not! I have plenty of fiction in the works! But until then, enjoy Snappy Social Networking!

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