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"Soft Acceptance"

Posted on the 05 March 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

BroKen, who has become Brutally Honest's most prolific guest blogger (and for that I am most grateful), put up a post yesterday titled Pagan is as pagan does.

It's yet another great, thought provoking piece and I think you should read it, but I was particularly struck by Grace's comment left in response:

I read once of a woman who was a runner like many. She ran every day, rain or shine, wind or hail. If LadyRunnershe had to miss her daily run it ruined her day. Her spiritual advisory told her she had made a god out of running.

In our culture, there seem fewer and fewer people/friends willing to speak out against what, in some contexts, in moderation, could be a good thing. The woman above accepted the wise council she received, and took a break from her daily habit and reviewed how it was becoming too important in her life.

By never being challenged or challenging others, we have all allowed the ideas of right and wrong to be weakened until they mean whatever any individual or group wants them to mean.

Thank you for the essay. there is much to think and consider, including our own complacency, about the soft acceptance of everything that has sidled into our culture.

That's brilliant and should be passed around in my view.

What particularly have we failed to challenge others about and at what cost?

What particularly are we offended about when challenged and again, at what cost?

We don't want to offend or worse, we don't want to be offended and because of it, society is suffering.

Right and wrong, as Grace has opined has been weakened.

Soft acceptance indeed.

Thank you Grace.  From your keyboard to the hearts and minds of those who'd like to effect change.

That's my prayer.

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