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Sodastream Spirit

By Evette Garside @evette77

Remember being young and wishing you could own expensive gadgets that you see in shops and on tv? Well I really wanted a Sodastream, what kid wouldn't? The ability to turn boring tap water into soda! Well I asked Santa every year to bring me one yet the old tight ass never did. Well until now that is. Yes I only had to wait 30 years or so but hey ho I now have one.

Sodastream spirit

I remember these being hugely popular back in the late 80s & early 90s, but like most gadgets and trends; they seemed to go out of fashion for a while and the whole novelty of making water fizzy, seemed to fade out. Well good things do sometimes come back and Sodastream seems to be catching on with modern day people yet again. Believe me my kids were ecstatic when they saw we had one and couldn't wait to test it out.

Now there has been a few different versions of Sodastream machines over the years. This is the most up to date one that I have and will set you back just under £100. However you may find them much less if you shop around.

Sodastream spirit

There are 3 things in the starter pack box. The machine, the gas cylinder and the bottle. All 3 are needed to make the water turn fizzy. The machine itself is really lightweight and slim so it doesn't take up much space at all. The bottle is what the fizz is made in and the gas canister slots in the back. I'm unsure how much fizz we will get from one canister but the box does give us an offer of £10 off future gas purchases and there are places who offer refills rather than new cans to save money.

Sodastream spirit

I was actually quite surprised that Sodastream doesn't need a plug. It's just a case of pushing a button and only takes seconds to do. I've made a little video to show you all just how easy it is to use.

I think I probably went a little overboard with the fizzing here, but it was my first time using it so I'll know for next time that it doesn't need as much.

don't mind plain sparkling water myself and especially on a hot day. But it's not for everyone. The syrup/flavours get added after fizzing not before. They don't have to be the specific Sodastream brand syrups. The bottle I got is from TK maxx and they have quite a good variety of fruity flavours. Anything that can be mixed with lemonade or even water is fine.

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