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Socialism Is Not Evil - Corporatism Is

Posted on the 13 September 2013 by Jobsanger
Socialism Is Not Evil - Corporatism Is Bill Maher hits the nail on the head here. Maher understands that too many in this country don't have any idea what socialism really is. They support programs like Social Security and Medicare (and many other programs) without understanding that they are socialist programs. They have just accepted what some right-wing politician has told them -- that "socialism" is a dirty word, and means the same as dictatorship, communism, nazism, or any other "-ism" they happen not to like (or probably even understand). They have been deluded into believing that "corporatism" (or plutocracy) is good for everyone (even though it is good only for the corporations and the rich), and that "socialism" is bad (even though it's purpose is to put people back in charge of their own lives, and lift everyone to a decent standard of living).

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