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Social Media Needs PR, Marketing and Customer Service Skills

Posted on the 24 January 2011 by Chrisbrown @ChrisBrown330

Social Media needs PR, Marketing and Customer Service Skills“Get a Facebook Fan Page”

Is that one of your 2011 action items? If so, you’ll want to think thru the strategy carefully. And put together a plan where the people building your social media and managing it long term are strong with customer service, PR and marketing skills.

Those that just pawn off the responsiblity to the newest member of the team because that young person “knows how to run Facebook” will be facing a bigger challenge than trying to build awareness using the newest social media tool.

Take Nestle’s fiasco for example. For those who aren’t aware of the issue, here’s a link.

My opinion on this situation: Yes, protecting your logo is important. But posting a “do not use our logo” in a confrontational way on a social media site is asking for trouble. What do you think?

Are you feeling pressured to rush into a social media tactic without having a clear social media strategy?

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