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Soccer Shorts – The US Loss to Belgium

By Simplyfutb01 @simplyjuan11

We take the time to look back at the game which knocked out the United States from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  Tipping our hats to the boys in Red, White and Blue, Rafa and Gio look at how Belgium broke down the US defense and made Tim Howard an internet sensation overnight, even in a losing effort.  Ultimately the US loss to Belgium ended a roller coaster ride of emotions for American soccer fans across the globe who came together to support their team.

The passion cannot be held back as we take a critical look at U.S. Soccer and how far we may or may not have come in the past 12 years, especially under the stewardship of German Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann.  We look at how we compare to other CONCACAF representatives like Costa Rica and Mexico.  Where does U.S. Soccer fall short and what sort of lessons have we learned.  Did we have the right players for this campaign?  And what sort of tactics may have helped this team overcome the young talent of Belgium?

It is our belief that the United States has the resources, players and heart to beat the likes of Belgium, Portugal, and Ghana (Germany is always going to be a test to any World Class footballing nation).

We encourage you to get stuck in and give us your thoughts and comments on the matter.  What do you make of the Jurgen era and his search for US talent?

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