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So Your Tennis Partner Missed The Poach

By Kselz @TennisFixation
So Your Tennis Partner Missed The PoachHow do you feel when your doubles partner misses a poach? Angry? Confused? Exasperated?
And do you communicate these feelings to your partner?
Poaching in doubles is no easy proposition. Even the best players can misjudge a poach and end up blowing the point by mishitting the ball. Or, worse yet, lose the point by being burned by an opponent's down the line shot.
But nothing is worse than going for the poach, missing it and then being berated by your partner for even trying. I myself have blown a poach and had my partner tell me, "I could have had that" or "You don't need to go for those." I've also been the recipient of the exasperated eye roll which I interpret to mean: "I would appreciate it if you would just stand at the net and let me try to win this point in a prolonged ground stroke rally."
The reality is that when a poach works, its a truly beautiful thing and very often will end the point in your favor. And when it doesn't work, it can still be pretty effective in rattling your opponents.
Now, if your partner misses five or six poaches in quick succession, then sure, it might be time to advise her to back off. Otherwise, encourage her to keep it up.
Bottom line - support your poaching partner, even when she misses the poach.  It might just be the attacking style of tennis you need to win your match.
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