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So What Does the World Think of the USA?

Posted on the 24 October 2012 by Btchakir @btchakir

Remember what Romney said during the foreign policy debate? Think about this:

“I look around the world, I don’t see our influence growing around the world. I see our influence receding. [...] But unfortunately, in nowhere in the world is America’s influence greater today than it was four years ago.”

Well, I wonder what the influence of America is in the real world? Here’s a chart by Ezra Klein evaluating 16 countries we deal with:

So what does the world think of the USA?

Gee… looks like they like us. As a matter of fact, some countries like us very much… and they really like Obama:

So what does the world think of the USA?


Pakistan, however, seems to go more for Romney. Why? Because he criticizes Obama’s mid-east accomplishments?

Very Interesting.

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