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So We’ve Connected, Now What?

By Gjosefsberg @gjosefsberg

connectFirst of all, thank you to those of you who took the time to drop me emails, LinkedIn invites and a variety of other contacts since my little cult post.  I appreciate the courage it takes to reach out and say hello to a total stranger.  I’m trying to reply back to as many of you as I can but there’s only one me and there are a lot of you.  So if you’re reached out in some semi anonymous way, why not take the next step?

  • Tell me who you are
  • Tell me what you do
  • Tell me how I can help you
  • Can I publicize something cool you’re trying to do on this blog?
  • Tell me how you can help me
  • Tell me something cool that happened to you last year
  • Tell me about your dreams
  • Ask me about that time I went to Vegas and nearly ended up with a tattoo that said “you owe me $10 Scott”

In other words, don’t just wait passively for me to make contact.  Remember, we want to connect because we’re all driven.  Driven to improve ourselves, driven to improve the world around us and driven to have a bit of fun.  So show that drive and say hello.  If you’re in the Bay Area, ask me out to lunch, I’ll pay


A network is only worth it if the people inside it truly care about each other and actively try to stay in contact.  I believe we truly care about each other, so let’s take the next step and stay in contact.


Oh, what do you guys think of “Humanity” as our special super secret name? Too tongue in cheek?  How about “The Open Hand”?


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