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So This is Called Love

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
Before Angel became a big sister, I was unsure whether she could fit into the role after having been the only child showered with all our love and care. In fact, you might say I was a little skeptical.
To me, she was still like a baby who clung onto me for every need, who cried over trivial matters, who whined when she was upset, who didn't really like to share her toys, who even insisted that I had to be beside her and hold her hand during every bowel movement.
However, after Ariel arrived, I have come to realize that the big sister instinct was in her all along. Or maybe, all children have this natural instinct to display love and affection for their younger siblings. Or maybe maybe, it is an innate ability of the female species, to desire and be good at taking care of tiny beings.
Whenever the baby cries, she's always the first to rush over and pat her.
Whenever the baby's hungry, she comes up to me and says "Mummy, I think meimei wants your milk."
Whenever the baby has a loud bowel movement, she laughs and then shouts "Mummy, meimei just poo!"
After I feed the baby, she gently reminds me "Remember to burp her first, ok?"
When we are on the bed, she will ask "Mummy, can I carry meimei, please?" which I would gladly oblige and lay Ariel on her lap.
When it comes to bedtime reading, she reads, or pretends to read, with so much vigour that the baby listens with eyes wide open.
When she sees me holding meimei's hand, she doesn't shrug it off but instead comes over and says "I also want to hold her hand, Mummy."
Every morning, afternoon and night, without fail, she would plant sweet kisses on Ariel's tiny face. So much so that I am starting to get a little jealous.
So this is called loveYes, I am so proud of you, big sister Angel.
Even if sometimes you use a little too much strength when caressing her, or that you try to tickle her but end up poking her eyes, or that you shake the bouncer so much that it turns into a mini earthquake, Mummy knows that's your way of loving her.
Forgive Daddy and Mummy for chiding you sometimes, we are just worried for Ariel and wish to teach you how to show your love and affection in a gentler way.
No matter what, I want you to know that you are an awesome big sister and that you touch my heart every single day. You know how it feels like when I see you holding Ariel and telling her you love her?
It feels like a slice of heaven.
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