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So The Oscars Happened…

Posted on the 23 February 2015 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

This is the point where your mom becomes really interested in Birdman. “Have you seen it? Is it playing anywhere near me?” My predictions this year were pretty solid. I missed Best Director, though I’m not entirely surprised that they didn’t split Picture/Director this year. I would have been more surprised if Bennett Miller won. I got all the acting categories, though the only one really “in contention” was Actor. I did not guess Animated Feature correctly, as I was pulling for a How To Train Your Dragon 2 win (Big Hero 6 won instead). I am satisfied with my care, however I would not have voted for Big Hero 6. It’s a decent animated film, but I didn’t feel like it was the best from last year.

I missed out on Foreign Film, thinking that the tide had turned away from Ida, but it had somehow swung back around. It was a good thing too, because that Ida director gave the most entertaining acceptance speech of the night. He spoke all the way through the playoff music, which apparently “runs out” at some point, and left the stage when he was damn good and ready to. Good for you.

Speaking of weird speeches, what the hell was Terrence Howard doing last night? That’s how you go and get yourself on the “Do Not Present” list. I can’t imagine the Oscar producers ask him back anytime soon. It was like he was having a panic attack or something. Either you can handle speaking in front of a room full of your peers or you can’t. If you can’t, don’t accept the gig. It’s actually that simple. Your TV show isn’t on ABC, so its not like you were forced to present through network synergy (hello Viola Davis and Kerry Washington).

I nailed both Screenplays, Costume Design, and Editing. I missed Makeup, and I’m even more surprised because my #2 would have been Guardians Of The Galaxy (which went home empty handed). I got Production Design, Score, Original Song, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Documentary, Documentary Short, and Animated Short. I missed Visual Effects, which shockingly went to Interstellar. I think that was the one that got a lot of people in their “prediction pools”, because it seemed like a race between Guardians and Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes. But, Interstellar has great VFX too, it just seemed to be behind in the race somehow. I technically got Live Action Short right, but my readers wouldn’t know it. I posted on social media shortly before the show my list of predictions, and I had a last minute change of heart and picked The Phone Call. As it was pointed out to me, since it stars actors you actually have heard of, there’s a higher chance that more people actually saw it and voted for it. Sure, Boogaloo and Graham won the BAFTA, but The Phone Call has Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent. You can’t beat that, and they didn’t.

The Best Moments Of Last Night:

1) Lady Gaga blowing everyone away with her Sound Of Music tribute. I had no idea she could sing like that. Can we redo the live Sound Of Music and put Gaga in it this time?

2) Graham Moore’s lovely acceptance speech, telling all the kids out there to “stay weird”. I feel like his story is so true, that there are so many people out there who feel lost and helpless as a kid, and then when they become an adult they hit their stride. He’s a perfect reminder of that.

3) Patricia Arquette calling for equal pay for women. We’ll be talking about that for a long time.

4) Weird moments. Other than Terrence Howard, we had John Travolta molesting poor Idina Menzel, and Sean Penn’s “green card” joke. Like, come on guys, get your shit together.

5) Naked Patrick Harris. Coming out on stage in your underwear is… ballsy.

So how did you feel about this years Oscars? Upset that Boyhood didn’t win more Oscars? Well, you have a whole year to get prepared for the crushing blow of Fifty Shades Of Grey walking away empty handed… so start now!

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