So It's 2014 and I'm Not on a Yacht.

Posted on the 10 January 2014 by Cubiclethrowdown

But thank you to all my readers who asked if my nearly 3 week absence on here was due to me running away on another megayacht, a la holidays 2013. Unfortunately, no, I just got totally overwhelmed at work during the new years week and understaffed in a major way, so I was in the water and handling all the administrative stuff and then had to take a little computer-holiday after that was over so my head didn't explode. I've also been battling some ridiculous power outages (like 14 hours a DAY ridiculous) so I had to conserve what little battery power I had on my laptop and iPhone. Thankfully we made lots of money during the holidays, cause mother nature has decided to keep us out of the water by throwing tropical storms our way for nearly a week now, with another on the way. I'm not complaining - it's finally a decent temperature out (this may have something to do with 40mph winds...)
Here's a couple other things I've been working on - videos! I'm trying to put my GoPro to good use and make short video previews of all our dive sites, so that I can send it to guests before they arrive if they want a 'sneak peek', and to have playing in the shop on a loop so that walk-ins can check out the reef before signing up.

The first is a shipwreck called The Odyssey which is down at 110ft (please note that I'm a diving instructor and wreck specialty instructor, I do not in any way encourage divers to go inside the wreck as I do in the video without the proper training first). The second is a wall dive called Moray Lagoon, and I went lionfish hunting with my boat captain!

If you don't like them, here is a video instead that inspires both envy and the sense that this is kinda wrong coming from a 5 year old...

Awesome, and weird. But still awesome right?

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