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So How Much Is A 2 Letter Or Number .Co Domain Worth?

Posted on the 07 June 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

With yesterday’s announcement that the .CO registry had put up for sale some 1,100 2 character domain names, including 2 letter .co and 2 number .co domains, I got a few email’s from domain investors asking me what I thought they were worth.

I think we can all agree with it comes to a two letter .com they are worth at least $100K and as we know can sell for as much as which sold for a reported $8.5 Million, so what is a two letter .co worth?

There are some really interesting two letter and two number domain names for sale on Godaddy’s Aftermarket.

For now I don’t want to chat about the two character .Co domains that mix letters and numbers, domains like or for example.

Lets instead look like a name like

So As I said, we know that was purchased by Facebook for $8.5 Million. is priced at a very reasonable $35,000.

At $35,000 is priced at less than 1/2 of 1% of the price of the .com was reportedly sold for what was said to be the second highest amount ever paid for a two letter .com just a week ago. is for sale for $50,000 is priced at $100,000 and for those that don’t know, the Asian market has been huge buyers of numeric .com domain names and when it comes to numbers, the king is the number 8 which denotes good luck or good fortune and double 8 means double good fortune. is also at for $100,000, which in the US culture also denotes good fortune.

The last 2 digit .com that sold whose price was released was which was on the list of the top sales of 2012 at $310,000

60.Co is listed on for $75,000 which is 1/4 of the price of what the .com sold for, arguably nowhere near the .com to .co value that has to also sold in 2012 publicly for $325,000 and is on sale at Godaddy for $50K.

Also selling in 2012 was for $325,000 and is priced at $75,000

Finally also sold in 2012 for 304,000 and the RH.Co is priced at $75,000

And although I said I wasn’t going to chat about two character domains that were a mixture of letters and numbers I know you would be all disappointed if I didn’t mention that is for sale at for $75,000.…

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