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So, How Do You Change That?

By Mrsebiology @mrsebiology
In my 16 years of classroom teaching, I never felt like I had the power to change anything about my work environment.  I'm not talking about my students, my instruction, and their learning--I did whatever I could to change those things for the better inside my little 4 walls of science-filled goodness.  
I'm talking about the larger work environment.
Constant vortexes of negativity.  Consistent lack of focus on what's good for kids.  A reactionary instead of a proactive culture. Rampant mistrust and suspicion of other adults.  Locking up what works for kids in classrooms and never letting it escape for fear someone may "steal" those ideas.
How do you change those things?
I think you start by recognizing that those negative influences and practices exist in your environment.  But the real work begins when you actually ask that question above and start mapping out a plan for change--and holding people accountable for their roles in the change. 
Asking how we change rather than should/would/could/do we need to change, is the key.  I only wish I had possessed the courage as a teacher for all of those years to ask the question outside of my head rather than keep it trapped inside.

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