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So a Good Few Months Ago, I Told You All About a Project That I...

By Lauramoodley

So a good few months ago, I told you all about a project that I was doing for the larger lady.

Inspired by my disappointment at the lack of variety and quality of fashion in the high street today and by the Trends of last Autumn (when i did the project), I made it my business to go out and research what cuts and shapes would look best on the curvier lady. I discovered such a variety! Much of my research was based on blogs by curvier girls like Nadia Aboulhosn to find out what is desired by girls with such a figure. 

Thes 2 sketches focus on last years trend of the Peplum. For me this was the ideal shape because it hides the stomach and if properly cut under the bust, it enhances that hour glass shape.

I paired the T-shirt with LOOOOONG boot-cut jeans which cover either very high heels or pointed toe flats to elongate the whole body. 

I took a structured, isometric jacket with the same peplum cut and no collar in order to show off the shoulders. I teamed it with Silk harem pants which will appear to graze over the shape of the leg and hips, tightening at the ankle - again elongating the body. 

Thin, diagonal belts hep break up the silhouette and have the same slimming effect. 

I have purposfully avoided Black, instead using gray - disproving the myth that black is sliming - its never about the colour, its all about the shape and the print. Colour and accessories add personality, while avoiding busy prints keeps it clean and classic.

Sorry its so late, but I had so many other things going on that these photos of the project went on the back burner.

xoxo LLM

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