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Snus the Swedish Alternative Tobacco

By Evette Garside @evette77

Snus is the Swedish way to enjoy tobacco. It has been enjoyed by Swedish people for well over 200 years and continues to be enjoyed today.

Snus tobacco originally began as a loose tobacco product in the form of a powder. More recently it has started to be sold in small pouches known as portions. The portion will vary in size to suit individual needs ranging from mini to large. Mini is apparently so small and discreet that no one will even notice it.

Unlike regular tobacco, Swedish Snus is smokeless making it much more healthier. Instead of it being smoked, a small amount or portion pouch is placed under the upper lip.

Snus the Swedish alternative tobacco
Snus the Swedish alternative tobacco

Snus comes in a variety of flavours to suit including sweet, fruity, mint, and smokey to suit the majority of tastes. Snus also comes in a variety of strengths. The strength is dependant on the amount of nicotine released from the product and also from the amount of saliva in your mouth when the snus is in your mouth. It is made by cutting tobacco leaves into small strips, which are then air and sun dried and then ground into a powder. This ground tobacco is then heat treated and combined with added flavors or sweeteners before being packaged.

Snus is illegal in all the European Union countries except for Sweden. However some countries do allow the sale of similar Snus like products that do not contain tobacco. The USA has its own version of Snus too which many people are now using as an alternative product to smoking, vaping, dipping, chewing and other tobacco containing products.

It is a fact that cigarette smoking has dramatically declined in Sweden over the last 30 years. This being mainly down to the rise in Snus and people switching to using Snus and quitting cigarettes.

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