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Snow-White And Rose-Red

By Itellyouastory

snow-white-rose-redThere was once a poor widow who lived in a lonely cottage. In front ofthe cottage was a garden wherein stood two rose-trees, one of which borewhite and the  other red  roses. She  had two  children who  were likethe  two rose-trees, and one was  called Snow-white, and  the otherRose-red.  They were as good and happy, as busy  and cheerful as evertwo children in  the world were,  only Snow-white  was  more quiet  andgentle  than  Rose-red. Rose-red liked  better to  run about  in themeadows and  fields  seeking flowers and  catching butterflies;  butSnow-white  sat at  home with  her mother, and helped her with herhousework,  or read to her when there  was nothing to do.

The two children were so  fond of one another  that they always heldeach other by the hand when they  went out together, and when Snow-whitesaid: «We will not leave  each other,» Rose-red answered:  «Never solong as  we live,» and their mother would add: «What  one has she mustshare with  the other.»

They often ran  about the forest  alone and gathered  red berries, andno beasts did them any  harm, but came close  to them trustfully. Thelittle hare would eat a cabbage-leaf out of their hands, the roe grazedby  their side, the stag leapt  merrily by them,  and the birds  satstill upon  the boughs, and sang whatever they knew.

No mishap overtook them; if  they had stayed too  late in the forest,and night came on, they laid themselves  down near one another upon themoss, and slept until morning came, and their mother knew this and didnot worry on their account.


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