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Snotty Tissue Rant

By Blairbarnes
Tissue Box Cover

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A man that used to come to my bar often always brought one of those
little travel packs of tissues with him. I don’t know if he had
allergies or a chronic cold, but he was always loudly blowing his nose
while sitting at the bar. The worst part is that he would ball up his
snotty tissue and nonchalantly set it on the edge of the bar for one
of the bartenders to pick up! Hearing his incessant honking and having
to clean up his snot rags was disgusting. One night my fellow
bartender had enough. She went to the kitchen and came storming out
with a pair of tongs and angrily used them to throw his tissues away.
The man looked pretty embarrassed, but he deserved it!

I don’t bartend anymore (hate it!) I just wait tables now and I am
amazed that so many people think it’s ok to blow their noses in a
crowded dining room. I understand that a sudden sneeze might require
the use of a tissue, but any other snot removal should be done in the
It’s even more offensive to leave the dirty tissue on the table. It’s
gross and rude. Nobody else should have to touch your dirty tissue.

Off subject: I also wish that some women realized that the table is
not a trash can. I am there to clean up your dishes, not piles of
empty gum packs, candy wrappers, and receipts that you decided to
clean out from your purse.

- Pineapple

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