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Smooth Operator

By Vickymeg1 @vickymeg

So you've heard of this kind, right? I mean, they come in all colors and sizes and oh, don't you forget that he can speak more than six languages... even YOUR language if you find one that isn't of the same nationality as you.
Well, let's give him a better description: He's probably married - make that most definitely "happily married"; He's made enough "paper" to retire; He says all the sweet things you like to hear; He does all the things your "dream guy" would have to do... that's if you had one; He's the kind you wish would marry you and the both of you spend the rest of your married life in some beach at a private course and He's the kind you'd wish to gossip with your sister (or best friend) about all night while  giggling but you CAN'T!  
He ain't yours!!!
Now I NEED you to note the statement above with utter seriousness. The fact that he comes in the kinda package that fits your checklist and the both of you spend your QTs at all your chosen places - I mean, he ALWAYS lets you choose where you wanna go - doesn't really make him yours... especially if he has come out clean from the start about his marital status.
Weird how people like to judge each other whenever they find out that you are in this sort of arrangement (I mean spending QTs - quality time - with a married man). Well, true that the best of us go all moral on the next person when we got bigger secrets that would make Michael Jackson defend himself in the Murray hearing.
We all do that and it's always so easy for us go to on about, "oh, so she thinks she's all that just because she's sleeping with the boss, huh?" Well, this especially applies if you are indeed sleeping with YOUR boss and your colleagues find out about it... DISASTER waiting to happen, I'd say!
Dude, one; there ain't no rules when it comes to whatever it is you do after five o'clock (of course, as long as you don't do it INSIDE the office... that's just gross!!). Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, think of anyone who'd wanna be found 'in the act' in the boardroom! OMG! That would make for a good front page story for any tabloid, huh?
Back to the S.O. a.k.a. Smooth Operator...
He's the kinda guy that looks you in the eyes and tells you that you are the one... apart from his wife... Haha! Laughable that the best of us buy stuff like these from an S.O. You know, the disturbing part of it all is that he even takes you with him to important public functions and has a way of making you feel all important and stuff. But, he has to go home at the end of the event after making you want him; sending ALL kinds of signals the entire time. And, you can't call him when he gets home - and the worst part of it is that you know why. If he does call you from home, he'll be sounding as though he's under an ocean. And you can only imagine in which part of the house he'll be hiding when making that call. And you'll be missing everything in the phone conversation except, "...can you hear now?" LOL!
Make no mistake, though; if he does this before coming clean on his marital status, then, careful, honey!
Note: If you initially find out that he's married and you ain't got a problem with that, then DON'T let him discuss ANYTHING with you about his wife, cause, hey, he doesn't talk to his wife about you.  Does he now? IT'S DEPRESSING! Don't allow it. And the whole "she doesn't make me happy as much as you do" speech is BULL! Take my word for it!
Dude, why did you get married to her in the first place? It's not as if anybody put a gun on your head and forced you to say "I do"... and of course it would be condoned if that were the case, which is hardly it, most times, I fuss!
So, there he is spending with you one-two-three, or probably FOUR flipping years of your adult life, when both of you know that he ain't ever leaving his wife for you.
Word of advice: If you are the kinda woman who expects men to "commit" within the first three months of your relationship (following the 90-day rule) yet in those, he hasn't (and you know he wont), then have the fun and adventure you are up to while it lasts, then RUN... RUN... RUN!!
Fact is, he likes you a lot and so do you, so the feeling is mutual. He says that you mean a lot to him and he shows you this in a whole lotta ways than one. But, do whatever it is you are currently doing with him and RUN while you still can or else you'll end up with the BIGGEST broken heart of the 21st century... I promise you! Now, who wants to be the "broken-hearted girl"?
Girl, unless you are sure that you KNOW what you're getting yourself into, DON'T fall for the S.O... Oh, and don't they make it so easy to fall for?
Read "When he drops the 'M' bombshell on you" to understand where am coming from with this.
Xo Xo,

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