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Smile at Dogs and Another 4 Things to Do Today

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

Here are some suggestions to cheer up your Friday. You will never be short of something to do with this site. They are from Pablo at

1. Look up. People don’t look up often enough. Indoors or out, see what is above you.

2. Shake hands. Shake the hands of people you see every day. Instead of
just another “Good morning.”.

3. Smile at dogs. Science has shown that during the 10,000-year
domestication of gray wolves into present-day dogs, dogs have learned to
read the subliminal emotion signals in human faces, particularly the right
eye. Look a dog in the right eye and smile with genuine feeling. (Don’t
bear your teeth however. Some dogs get it, and some don’t!)

4. Buy something for someone else. Flowers for your mom for no reason, or
some trifle or a co-worker, like a framed inspirational message or a

5. Treat everyone you deal with as if they were family. Try to imagine each
person you interact with today is related to you, and see if it affects the
way you perceive them.

Many thanks for reading them. If you would like to contribute your own then please email them to David at [email protected]


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