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Smart Toys for Christmas

By Newsanchormom

I thought you would appreciate these Smart Toy ideas for the holidays. I know I am trying to persuade my kids to ask for something that's educational and fun. I am going to show them these websites and see what they say. If you have any suggestions for education, fun toys please post a comment at the end of this story.
Smart Toys for Christmas
These suggestions are from Dr. Renee Clauselle

9 mos. to 2 years:
“The reason I love Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light's full night sky projection for ceiling and walls is because it really plays at the sensory development that is happening in babies. Muscular development and eye tracking development are enhanced. I also love that as a stuffed toy, it can grow with kids as they get older as a cuddle friend for bed time.”

3 years to 5 years: “The Mini-Kick Scooter develops visual motor skills and developing eye moving coordination, skills which later effect math skills, geometry, building blocks, and other visual spatial types of games, plus scooting is just fun!”
6 years to 8 years: "I love, love, love Reptangles Winner of the 2010 Parent's Choice Award. What a way to teach analytic thinking, problem solving, creativity and development for fine motor skills. These clever and colorful turtles snap and slide together in over 100 incredible ways." 10 years to 12 years. “For middle schoolers and teen tweens it is all about reading skills and vocabulary because SAT’s are right around the corner. Konexi is a word-building game of skill and chance in 3D. Great for family game nights. It’s a game that keeps everyone stimulated and on the edge of their seats playing it, while reading and writing skills improve!” Dr. Renee Clauselle’s goal is to encourage people towards healthy mental lives by de-stigmatizing psychology and therapy and to bring issues out into the open. Dr. Clauselle shares information and resources with the public through her blogs, ebooks and newsletters, speaking engagements and appearances.
Offices site:
A recent ABC segment
Dr. Renee's Youtube channel

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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